New Construction

Have You Considered New Construction?

By Anacortes Office | April 15, 2024

Have you considered new construction? If not, here are several reasons why you should expand your search criteria to include new construction homes. Buying from a builder is certainly different from buying from a home seller. Builder contracts can be challenging. This alone might have you a bit hesitant to consider a new construction home. […]

Down Payment? You've got options

Down payment? You’ve got options

By Anacortes Office | April 8, 2024

If you are considering purchasing a home, it is likely that you have heard that you will need a down payment. If you are a first time home buyer, you might not fully understand your down payment options. We have connected with Michelle Schmidt from Movement Mortgage who has provided information to help you better […]

Skagit Tulip Festival

The Skagit Tulip Festival

By Anacortes Office | April 1, 2024

Are you ready for an enchanting annual event that blankets the Skagit Valley in vibrant colors?  Every spring, the expansive fields in Skagit Valley burst into bloom with millions of tulips, creating a floral wonderland that draws visitors from near and far. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival celebrates the breathtaking beauty of these blossoms, inviting […]

A Modern Masterpiece with Incomparable Views

A Modern Masterpiece with Incomparable Views

By Anacortes Office | March 25, 2024

A modern masterpiece with incomparable views can now be found in the charming town of La Conner. It could be yours. This truly extraordinary home redefines luxury living. Found atop 502 High Street, this exceptional property stands out from the rest. Keep reading to discover the multitude of reasons that make it a coveted gem […]

Discount Points Explained

Discount Points Explained

By Anacortes Office | March 11, 2024

If you are considering purchasing a home, it is likely that you may have heard the term discount points. It is also likely that you might not fully understand what they are, how they are used, or if they are right for you. Michelle Schmidt from Movement Mortgage has provided information to help you better understand. Keep […]

Skagit Daffodil Festival

Skagit Daffodil Festival

By Anacortes Office | March 4, 2024

Over 450 acres of daffodils begin to bloom in Skagit Valley during the month of March. An annual celebration that heralds the arrival of spring with an explosion of golden blooms. Each year, as winter fades, the daffodils burst forth in brilliant hues, blanketing the valley in a vibrant carpet of yellow. The Skagit Daffodil […]

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

By Anacortes Office | February 23, 2024

The warmer months are approaching here in the pacific northwest. Warmer weather means it is time to gear up for spring cleaning and maintenance. Regardless of whether you rent or own, a clean home not only offers a fresh start, but also enhances the comfort and enjoyment of your living space. A clean and organized […]

Changes to Washington State Agency Law, Windermere Real Estate North Sound, Real Estate, Washington

Changes to Washington State Agency Law

By Anacortes Office | December 29, 2023

Washington State just completed an overhaul of its real estate agency law (RCW 18.86) which came into effect January 1st, 2024. This was the most substantial revision since its inception in 1997 and it addresses the ever-evolving real estate brokerage landscape. Part of the law mandates delivery of the Real Estate Brokerage in Washington pamphlet […]

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