Uncategorized June 10, 2024

Community Service Day 2024

They say, “small actions make big impacts”. We got to be a part of that big impact this last week here at Windermere. For 40 years, Windermere has dedicated a day of community service. Every office picks a project that solves a need in the communities in which they reside. Windermere agents and staff all over dedicate that day of work to those in need. From senior centers to playgrounds, food banks, and more, these hands-on projects benefit a wide variety of community-based organizations. This is a day that we look forward too all year. It is a day where we come together to give back to our communities and together we make a huge impact.

Here’s what we did in our North Sound offices:


We partnered with Frontier Building Supply and Ace Hardware to refurbish 11 of the 13 benches in historic downtown Anacortes.  For years these benches have served as a resting place for those visiting downtown Anacortes. They clearly served their purpose and had been well worn but it was due time for them to be revitalized to continue to be a welcoming resting place.

Originally we were going to re stain the wood and clean the base from moss but quickly realized these well loved benches needed much more than just a re coat of stain and some cleaning. These benches needed new wood entirely. We connected with Frontier Building Supply who generously donated the wood need to complete the project, and Ace Hardware donated the stain and brushes. Our agents came together on Thursday to stain the wood in our parking lot. By Friday we were ready to start the deconstruction of the old where we removed the old wood, cleaned the base of moss and debris, and finished by adding the new wood.

Be sure to take a stroll through Historic Downtown Anacortes and see these beauties. If you find yourself in need of wood or supplies support local and shop Frontier Building Supplies and Ace Hardware. They have gone above and beyond in supporting not only our Community Service Day, but have made a huge contribution to our community.


Skagit Valley:

Monday June 10th, there is a ribbon cutting event on the River Walk presenting a new sign. The grounds had overgrown during the cold season and the space needed a bit of sprucing up in preparation for the ceremony. Our agents and staff gathered together to pull weeds, pick up trash, and clean up the area. We hauled away over 10 large bags of debris and left the park looking beautiful for all to enjoy.


This year, we joined forces with Patrick’s Quality Painting and Lowe’s in Smokey Point to bring the Stilly Valley Thrift Store a new paint job. One thing you may not know about the Stilly Valley Thrift Store is that the proceeds from the store support the daily operations of the Stilly Valley Center/Senior Center. Tackling this project helped relieve the thrift store of having to allocate time and funds for a new paint job. We started earlier in the week with a pressure washing day to get the property prepped for the new paint job. Friday morning part of our team started at the Stilly Valley Thrift Store while others started with highway clean up. Those that started with highway clean up later joined us  to finish up  and present the newly painted Stilly Valley Thrift Store.

If you have painting needs we highly suggest Patrick’s Quality Paint. Additionally, if you wish to further support our community, you can donate to or shop the Stilly Valley Thrift store.

With more than a million hours of community service logged to date, we’re proud to continue this tradition of giving back to the communities where we live, work, and play.  Click here to connect with us.