Destination March 4, 2024

Skagit Daffodil Festival

Over 450 acres of daffodils begin to bloom in Skagit Valley during the month of March. An annual celebration that heralds the arrival of spring with an explosion of golden blooms. Each year, as winter fades, the daffodils burst forth in brilliant hues, blanketing the valley in a vibrant carpet of yellow. The Skagit Daffodil Festival that takes place in La Conner showcases nature’s beauty and resilience, as these cheerful flowers bring hope and warmth to the hearts of all who attend.

Visitors from near and far are treated to a stunning display of daffodil fields, with the backdrop of the North Cascades lending an enchanting touch. The festival’s parades, events, and activities unite the community in the spirit of this bright and blossoming season, creating lasting memories and a sense of shared wonder. It’s a time when Skagit County truly shines, offering a warm welcome to spring and reminding all who come that the Pacific Northwest is home to not only breathtaking natural landscapes but also vibrant celebrations of life. 

To learn more about the festival and discover fun facts about these amazing flowers Click here.

Visit the Skagit Daffodil Festival fields:

Return to this map to see which fields are blooming. The map is updated daily. (Provided by Visit Skagit Valley Washington)

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